1954 Company

About Us

The historic victory in 1954 (battle in Dien Bien Phu) was a significant event of Communist Party of Vietnam which is led by Great president Ho Chi Minh. It is not only open new period of Vietnam’s revolution  but also to mark the new development of people everywhere for a world of peach, independence, democracy, and innovative society. The 1954 JSC are founded with the mission to supporting Vietnam economy in Agriculture aspect.


1954 JSC., starting to run a fertilizer business in 2011, is an outstanding organic fertilizer company which has developed organic fertilizer in order to boost the agricultural productivity. We offer high-quality products and certified organic formula. Our company are certificated ISO 9001:2008. All products are certificated by IQC Certificated Body. We truly understand how important organic fertilizers are in agriculture and what customers demand. An experienced service is always willing to support customers anytime.



The 1954 fertilizers with high nutrients are available and suitable for all kinds of crop, soil, admendments. All our organic fertilizers are derived from seaweed, bean powder, grains and biological ingredients, so they are undoubtedly safe and bio-friendly. The materials are hydrolyzed and fermented. The acidulated solution are combined with inner ingredients to making vary products.


            Figure: The 1954 production process