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1954 JSC leaders visit Agri-nature Foundation in Supan Buri Province, Thailand

The 1954 JSC leaderships are going to visit Agriculture Foundation and Khao Kwan Foundation  on Sept,28th 2016, The aim of the trip is to improving knowleldge of organic farming. The Agri-Nature Foundation which is the learing center of the King for “sufficient economic theory” on agriculture and nature living. The foundation organizes the non-formal education school with natural living,  and produces their own organic food and education for organic farming. There are many memmber from all over the world take part in the center (included vietnam).

The center changed into organic farming from 1961 till now because they recognized the harmful impact of chemical fertilizer to soil, water and soil microbes. Applying organic fertilizer means maintaining the humid for microorganism,  increase the nutrients in the soil. The basic knowledge to recougnize chemical applying was falling leaf has bad smell why composting.

 The director of the center introduce us the outstanding products was “TM”. It is original form japan techniques and be advised to use in all kind of soil. It included more than 80 microorganism and effective with the soil which not apply chemical fertilizer. It help maintain the ecosystem balance in soil, make soil fertilie, improve water holding capacity . It help reduce the acidity index and make a suitable environments for growth and development of soil microbes.

The center often apply the “TM” fertilizer on ferbuary to all crop in the center : vegetables, fruit trees, coffee, etc…Not only it effect on plant but also useful with fishery and livestock feeding. The “Tm” improve resistance abilities to husbandary.


“TM” are made up of some organic matter such as forestry soil, rice brains, dry leaf, and heated husk. They mix together these ingeridients and keep it in 15 days. After 15 days, they keep it in the bag and soak in solution of water and mollases. They keep continuous in 15 day  and can use.

Besides making the “TM” fertilizer , The Agri-Nature Foundation also produce vinegar to make bio insecticide and increase brix index of fruit trees. The method to make the vinegar is pyrolysis woodstock in lack oxygen condition. The farmer collect the condesate of smoke come out the air. They collect vinegar in the big bottle and keep it in 1 month. Vineagar are applied with ratio 10 ml/1.2 L of water when germination, flowering and after falling


Traditional vinegar processing

In the afternoon, we are going to visit Khao Kwan foundation, a Community Learning Center focused on improving the production of rice. There are many varieties of rice in Khao Kwan Foundation. They have a  IFOAM certificated field rice and many useful products for sustainable agriculture such as compost, plant hormone, microorganism, bio insecticides. They followed on the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy promoted by the King and it help them move out of poverty.


Figure: Compost

They apply the compost to the rice field. The compost are mixing layer of rice husk, chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure and dry leaf. They keep the humid and temperature  When using, they mix all matter by machine and spray to rice field. There are 200-300 kg compost applying to rice field. Beside applying compost, the farmer apply some products such as plant hormone and microorganism. The plant hormones are made up of all kind of colorful fruits (banana, papaya, pumkin,etc..)


Figure: Microorganism are applied to the IFOAM rice field