1954 Company

1954 JSC warmly welcome the visiting of Nature and Future Inc

In 27th, Jan, 2016, CEO Mae-ho Park and his partners are going to visit the 1954 Joint Stock Company in Hanoi. CEO Nguyen Danh Tuyen represents 1954 JSC and CEO Mae-ho Park has conversation in 1954 office. Both of companies are consider strongly on developing organic fertilizer in Vietnam market.

At present, Nature and Future (N&F) are researching and developing Eco-friendly living organism material product related to disease and insect damage by life-bio technology, native micro-organism and EM and natural plant extract along with Eco-friendly certification and gap certification of consulting business. Till now Nature and Future has 7 patent registration and patent application, 3 service mark, 27 trademark registration and design application, 3 design registration and design application

Figure: Business conversation between 1954 JSC and N&F 

1954 JSC and (N&F) have comfortable talking about Vietnam agriculture trending, product registration, technology, distribute agent, farmer behaviors, etc. During conversation, N&F introduce the organic fertilizer that they think can improve the crop productivity and enhance resistance in the domestic climate. Both of company hope could collaborate each other in near future


Figure: CEO Mae-ho Park is talking about plant disease