1954 Company

The 2rd conversation between 1954 JSC, Vietnam and OGG, Hungary

On April, 07th, 2016, Receiving the invitation of Hungary partner, CEO Nguyen Danh Tuyen met OGG company staff in Hanoi Club. After the meeting, 1954 JSC understood deeply the OGG function and it’s acting mechanism . Hungary partner believed that their organic fertilizer products would be the good solution of Agriculture situation. It helps reducing the chemical applying and balancing soil microbiology

In the meeting, Both of sides discuss further on investment aspects. 1954 JSC leaders are willing to invest plant, operation system, labors, etc. In other sides, OGG agrees to provide experts, materials and technology transferring. Two sides highly agree on Vietnam-Hungarian joint venture . The meeting occur in friendly environments. As Expected, 1954 JSC leaders are going to visit the OGG company in June, 2016. This is the change of 1954 JSC to observing the real OGG effectiveness in Hungary.


Figure: Mr chevkurtossy Otto explains the mechanism of OGG products