1954 Company

The business conversation between 1954 JSC and Organic System Company in Hungary (OGG)

In 10th, January, 1954 JSC and OGG company have a conversation in Hanoi to discussing the economic cooperation. OGG is an outstanding organic high technology company. The OGG produce healthy and safe food and raw material of great value, free of chemical residue. And meanwhile it also preserves the environment, the nature, the landscape and the humans in it with their communities and culture. OGG cooperate with several foreign universities of agriculture, researchers and bio farmers in order to produce safer foods and to protect the pedosphere.

Came to Vietnam, OGG company introduced the Organic Green Gold- the nanotechnology of the 21st century using living algae. It is green, free from colouring agen, organic liquid fertilizer concentrate containing living microorganism and environment friendly subtance harmless to human body. Thus, it can be used, moreover, it is desirable for environment sparing, biological farming. Organic Green Gold meets all the requirements of nature production.

algas-novenyvedo-koncentratum-5l     Characteristics of Organic Green Gold

  • – It does not contain materials harmful to human body.
  • – 100% environmentally friendly .
  • – It helps photosynthetic process and improves plant metabolism.
  • – Increase 20-30% yields
  • – Even its production can be regarded as environmentally friendly since it takes carbon dioxide from its environment and replaces it with oxygen