1954 Company

1954 JSC meet VitalEarth Resources,Inc in Vietnam.

Continue the business conversation in World Agri Expo 2016 in Tulare, California. On April 23rd, 2016. 1954 JSC has a meeting with the presenter of Vitalearth Resources, Inc – President Tom Hudak.  VitalEarth Resources, Inc is outstanding American brand in Agriculture aspect. They produce a high-quality product and promote valued relationships with our partners in horticulture and agriculture. Some commercial products are appeared in Vietnam market such as vita-zyme, Carlpool….

In the meeting, CEO Nguyen Danh Tuyen welcome the attention of VitalEarth Resources in Vietnam market. He emphasizes that Vietnam farmers are recognising the importance of organic fertilizer to crop and soil. So 1954 hope could be collaborate with some organic companies who have high-quality products. In other sides, Mr Tom Hudak promises to suggest some organic fertilizer products which suit with Vietnam climate and agriculture. Both sides discuss some information related to the product, market, some issues of government and  technology transferring. In the future, 1954 JSC hope could visit and observe real experiments of VitalEarth Resources products in the USA.


Figure: President Tom Hudak and his staff