1954 Company

1954 Jsc meet the japan organic fertilizer agent

On Augus, 27th, 2016. CEO Nguyen Danh Tuyen meets the representer of Tanaka company, Japan. Tanaka company is set up in 1987. They produced and distributed green organic fertilizer and would like to export their products to Vietnam when they investigated carefully the market. As they said, 1954 Jsc is one of the potential partner in organic agriculture aspect

In the meeting, CEO Nguyen Danh Tuyen welcomes their interesting on 1954 Jsc. He is willing to collaborate with organic fertilizer agent all over the world, specially Japan. He was very impressive with green organic fertilizer when he knew that both 1954 and Tanaka have the same method. Tanaka officer introduced their company, products and field experiment results in Aichi, Japan. Both sides look forward to setting the second meeting after 1954 Jsc finished their experiments to local crops.


Figure: Tanaka officers in 1954 Jsc office