1954 Company

Organic Farming Implementation in Vietnam

General development

Vietnam agriculture has faced many obstacles such as environment pollution, soil erosion, decrease in biology diversification, and poison from plant protection pesticide. Therefore, creating a clean and friendly with environment and health is an urgent requirement. Besides, the demand for organic products has been increasing, especially in big cities, Hanoi, for example, as many people have realised the benefits of using organic products to minimize poisoned accidents from food contained pesticides.

Organic agriculture is a solution for these above problems. Though organic agriculture is quite popular all over the world, it has not yet well-developed in Vietnam. This is due to lack of policies to encourage its development and insufficient awareness of producers and consumers about this. In recent years, organic farming in Vietnam is just 23,400 ha, approximately 0.2% agriculture land area.

Currently, the increase in food poisoned accidents has raised a concern for consumers about origin and quality of food. Citizen and authorities must find a “safe” solution which is organic products.


The reason that organic agriculture is developed at slow pace is “awareness”. Farmers who cultivate in organic way should be well-educated. New method of cultivation to replace traditional one makes much more difficulties for peasants, especially farmers in high land. Consequently, organic model has not been developed.

Consumers are still not aware of the benefits of organic vegetables. The quality of organic vegetables is outstanding compared with normal ones as higher nutrition and better taste.

The biggest difficulty lies in “in” and “out”. When starting this model, companies must look for the sources of supply which are funded by foreign organizations such as ADDA (Denmark), IFOAM… Moreover, organic cultivation procedures is not simple which requires a lot of efforts to control soil, water…

Development in future

Inspite of many difficulties, organic agriculture is still encouraging to develop in Vietnam. There are pollution in land and water in some rural areas in Vietnam due to over-usage of chemicals, hence, organic farming with no chemicals is the best way to protect land and water.

Understanding well this fact, 1954 JSC has been leading to research and experiments of organic fertilizer using waste. The products are combined various other materials which can repell insects and control diseases well.  In short future, the company will provide these products and improve Vietnamese organic farming system.