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Organic farming – Priciple rules

Organice farming is based on international standard’s principles with plant and animal ecology guarantee purposes. This will create highly safe agricultural products with customers and economical efficiency, soil nutrition improvement. That is a method farming without using toxic chemical such as pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers as well. Organic farming aims at ecological balance.

There are some essential rules in organic farming:

– Organic farming is an agricutural form, which eliminate almost using artificial fertilizers, pesticides, plant hormoones and additives in animal food.

– Farmers who cultivate as organic farming exploit crop rotation, crop residues, animal’s defecate and support nutrients for plants and weeds, pests and diseases management.

– Organic farming aims to protect human health and labor production of society.

According to Organics International (IFOAM) that organic famring’s roles are heatly conservation of ecology and organisms from microorganism to human. In general, organic farming will improve and maintain natural scence and agricultural ecology, reduce natural resources overusing and polluting, reduce energy exploitation and other unreproductive resources. Furthermore, organic farming guarantees, supports and improves soil nutrition, enhances biological cycles in farms such as nutritial cycles, plant protection instead of rescueing.