1954 Company

1954 JSC Leaders visit OGG headquarter in Hungary

Accept the invitation of the OGG presenter. On June, 12st-2016. CEO Nguyen Danh Tuyen has a business trip in hungary  to discussing in detail join venture agreement. After 24 hour, he was in OGG office. In this trip, CEO Nguyen Danh Tuyen visit the OGG manufature facilities, field experiments to observing the real effective of Organic Green Gold product. There are main crops in Hungary are investigated such as barley, grape, lawn and landscape flower. Two sides discussed and exchanged the knowledge of planting techniques, applying maner, main season, ratio, fertilizer instruction.


Figure: OGG field testing

CEO Tuyên is impressive with the enthusiasm of OGG staff.  They are friendly and well behavior. This is the base of setting join venture company in the future. Both sides discuss deeply in responsibilities of each part. 1954 JSC requires more time to evaluating the efficiency of OGG products in Vietnam climate.

Some picture of 1954 JSC in Hungary:


1954 JSC in OGG office


 OGG testing in grape garden

IMG_9220 Barley


and green bean