1954 Company

What is 1954 fertilizer ?

soil admendment

1954 fertilizers delivered from organic maters (seaweed, soil bean, animal bone meal fish by-product) that are hydrolysis fermented and combine with trace elements

Step 1: The material are hydrolized ( ≤ 60 oC) and fermented  in 7 days. Then, they are taken in dry machine (120 oC  in 0.2s)

Step 2: The ingredient are dilluted with macro-micronutrients with appropriated ratio. The fertilizer fomular are transfered from research institues.

Step 3: Packing

After combine nutrients, the mixture are poured in the bottle by filling machine. The worker labels the products and expiry date. The products are transported when they are packaged carefully.

Fertilizer processing diagram