1954 Company

CP2 Biofertilizer

Average composition


  • Humix : 15%
  • N,P,K : 2-4-2 (%)


  • Provides nutrients in form similar to those produced by soil microbiology
  • Create an optimal environments for microorganism growth and developments
  • Increase fruits set, reduce fruits drop
  • Regrow plant, increase plant productivity
  • Enhance resistance with plant diseases hard weather
  • Friendly with environment, safe for public health and ecological environment


Spraying: Apply 1 time/ season in the main productivity period

  • Coffea, black pepper and fruits: spray 300g/500 m2 (could be mix with N fertilizer)
  • Rice and vegetable: spray 3 kg/ha.

Trunk Watering: Diluted 300g/250 L water