1954 Company

RQ Biofertilizer

Average composition



  • Apply biotechnology to extracting nutrients in form similar to those produced by soil microbiology
  • Supplying necessary nutritional to help plants better photosynthesis; accelerate plant growth , smooth and green leaf; more branches, flower , enhance pollination, fruit set and eliminating fruit drop
  • Enhance disease resistance.
  • Rejuvenate the old trees, improve plant growth
  • Friendly with environment, safe for public health and ecological environment.

Volume:  (500ml)


  • Budding, flowering, fruits set and mature fruit and after harvesting period.


Coffea, black pepper and fruits: dilluted 10 ml/16-20L water, spray all upper and lower surfaces.


Spray before 9 a.m or after 3 p.m

Sharking it well before using. Can be mixed with other pesticides( except alkalinity pesticides)

Keep out of children reaching. Store in a cool, safe place.

Read carefully instruction before using.