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Việt Xanh Fertilizer for the vegetable and grains

Việt Xanh Fertilizer for the vegetable and grains

Average composition


  • Provide essential nutrients to the plant and soil, stimulate plant metabolism, biochemical activities in plant
  • Inhibit harmful bacterials, soil fertility, high humus by capacity of useful microorganisms
  • Induce root system, photosynthesis process
  • Accelerate pollination and fruit set, strong tree, green leaf, big fruit.
  • Improve resistances, high tolerant plant pathogen
  • Help the farmer cut down the use of fertilizer up to 30%
  • Increase potentially crop yield, high products quality
  • Help the farmer harvest 5-10 day (depend on plant) earlier than normal

Dosage and instruction: Spraying in 1000m2

Rice: Dilluted 5 mL with 16 L of water in each stages

  • Rice 10-15 days: . It induces root system, deep roots, strong plants
  • Rice 20-25 days: . It accelerates crop tillering
  • Rice 30-35 days: . It improves plant resistance, high tolerances diseases such as rice blast, chocking
  • Rice 40-45 days: . It helps plant flowering, anti chocking and seed forming
  • Rice 60 days: . It helps produce big seeds, high products quality

Vegetable: spraying in the interval 5-7 days. It induces strong growth, big, green leaf, high disease ressistance and storage in long times

The amount of fertilizer should be fix depend on density of crop in the field and garden


  • Shaking well before using.
  • Spraying in cool temperature (before 9:00 am and after 4:00pm). Interval 5 hour, spraying again if it rains
  • Do not spraying in flowering times
  • Only use the product when plant are strong and have no diseases.
  • Do not keep the mixing products over 48 hour
  • Storage in the shade and cool temperature

EXP: 3 years from date of produce (even if already open products)