1954 Company

VM. 1954


Average composition

  • Improve Nitrogen fixation process by soil biological pathway
  • Restone soil fertile and nutrients
  • Improve crop yields
  • Improve profit
  • Protect environmets, public and human health
  • Reduce the global warming

What is the VM.1954 ?

        19545 is the mixture substances of biological enzymes. It includes alot of microorganism and their enzymes such as mineralization and fixation bacterials. Microorganism are survive and stable in the suffer. When VM.1954 dilluted with the water, the subtances has the role not only be the optimal environments for microorganisms growth, developments but also reduce erosion in the soil. The mantainance of microorganics and their enzyme make them strong and produce their enzyme fast in the soil

What is the role of VM. 1954

  • Mineralization nutrients
  • Produce antibiotics and plant hormone for plant growth
  • Manipulate the Nitrogen content in the soil
  • Improve soil organic matter
  • Adjust pH in the soil
  • Reduce the developments of plant diseases
  • Increases nutrients content in the soil
  • Increases the soil fertile
  • Accumulate and improve the microorganism activities stay in the the soil

How the VM.1954 work ?

When VM.1954 enter the soil, the microorganisms begin proliferation the cell. This process occured in the root zone. The proliferation of microorganism  occur from 3-5 weeks (depend on the dosage, soil type, humus and temperature). When the microorganisms are fully developments, soil is the optimal environment of aerobic and anaearobic microbes,

When apply VM.1954 to the soil, the physical characteristics are recovered, soil fertile and humus. The microorganisms will effect directly on the nitrogen fixation, the break down nutrients into the type that plants can absorb.  The metabolisms are very fast and effective  due to the storage of microorganism  and their enzyme in VM.1954

The function of VM.1954

  • Effect directly in nitrogen fixation and mineralization
  • Reduce the use of synthesis nutrients
  • Induce the nutrients for plants
  • Suitable with all soil type, increase soil fertile, humus
  • Safe, easy to use and storage
  • Do not contain harmful microorganism
  • Effecting Certificate to many kind of farm and garden
  • High yield, high profit to the farmer

Role of VM.1954 In the soil

  • Mineralize nutrients
  • Increase soil organic matter
  • Adjust soil pH
  • Restrict the development of pathogen
  • Increase soil fertile
  • Accumulate and improve useful microorganism activities,

Role of VM. 1954 to the plant

  • Improve resistance to pathogen and hard weather
  • Stimulate anitibiotic and plant hormones
  • Inhitbit plant deseases
  • Improve the activities of useful microorganism
  • Increase crop yield